Why Should You Paint Your Motorcycle and What to Look For in a Body Shop


Painting your motorcycle can be a very big step for an individual. This is one of the easiest ways to express individuality and personality. This process should not be taken lightly and choosing the right body shop will make all the difference with the end result. Another reason you may find you need to paint your bike is if or some reason it has sustained body damage. The latter is a whole other topic and will actually be covered in a different article.

Before beginning the process one very important thing you should ask yourself is, “Do I plan on doing any custom work to my bike?” The reason is, you don’t want to put down a large sum of money for a gorgeous paint job only to turn around 6 months later and decide to get a stretched tank or a “Fat Tire Kit” installed on your bike, both of which would require repainting of certain pieces. If your answer is no to this question then the next phase is deciding what you want done. Do you just want a color change? Do you want a two tone? Do you want artistic renderings or graphics of any type? Finally, most often the hardest question of all…. What COLOR do you want? Looking through motorcycle magazines can often times answer these questions, or even going to a body shop that paints motorcycles can often offer assistance with these questions Automotive Body Shops.

Picking the facility to paint your bike is the next step in the process. The most important thing to look for is to make sure that the shop ACTUALLY paints motorcycles. Motorcycle painting varies greatly from automotive painting and requires a finesse all its own. Another good thing to look for, although it’s up to an individual’s discretion, is whether or not the body shop offers a warranty on their paint work. One major difference in these warrantied products vs. non-warrantied products will be the clear coat. The more expensive clear coats, have UV protectants in it to help prevent the sun from discoloring your paint job, where as the other clear coat does not have these protectants in it and so in a few years your paint job may not look as nice. Admittedly you will pay more for this warranty because the warrantied products from the paint manufacturer are more expensive. So for some this warranty offers peace of mind, while others couldn’t care less about their paint lasting. So you have to decide what kind of person are you?

When you look at colors it is important to know a few things. Is the paint single stage or tri-coat? This has a factor on the cost. Simply put single stage paint is a base coat and clear coat to arrive at the desired color. A tri-coat means that there is a base coat, a candy coat and a clear coat in order to arrive at the desired color. The next thing to be aware of is certain colors cost more from the start then others. Reds are expensive and some blues can be rather pricey as well. Anything with pearl or metal flake will be more than just a straight color like black. Colors that don’t cover well, like whites and reds require more paint than other colors therefore also driving up the cost of the paint job. Chameleon colors or “flip-flop” colors will also fall into this category of more expensive paints. So it’s important to see what the cost of the materials will be based on the color you chose, often times the best way to cut your cost is to choose a different color.

Whatever your reason for painting your bike and whatever your choices to express your individuality, I hope this information is found to be useful in your decision making process and makes the whole process a little smoother.

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