VLT – This May Look Like A Slot, But It’s Not

So what’s the difference between a traditional class III slot machine, video poker machine and a Class II Video Lottery Terminal? Read on:

Traditional Class III Slot Machines

All results in this gambling game are controlled by a small computer chip called a random number generator (RNG) inside each machine. This device allows the unit to continue to wander through a combination of random numbers at thousands of speeds per second. This combination is mapped to certain results. It will not stop to select the display until the play button is pressed or the handle is pulled. Each round does not depend on the next round. They have no effect on each other Jackpot Slot Gambling Slot Online Terpercaya.

The RNG is installed at the factory according to the return specifications requested by the casino. A chip on each individual machine allows jurisdiction to order different return percentages in the same machine family. (The percentage of return is the total amount of money returned to players from time to time.) They usually vary between 85% and 98%.

Penny machines usually return the lower%, while the dollar and upper machines return the highest. Contrary to what most players think, casinos CANNOT change the percentage of returns to the machine. This can only be done by factory personnel.

Class II Video Lottery Terminal

Have you ever thought about removing about 600 instant lottery tickets in about an hour? Play VLT at one of the raceways in New York State and you will do that. Unlike the above, VLT plays a virtual lottery game that is connected to a central computer operated by the NYS Lottery in Schenectady, NY. They determine the outcome of each bet using RNG, but with a predetermined number of winners. VLT operators can program the amount of prepayment. After you start playing, the machine receives a virtual scratch off ticket. When the video roll stops playing, the results will be consistent with whatever is on the ticket. The return percentage is controlled by the start of the game. In NY, the law requires a minimum return of 92%.

Another VLT game operating in Native American jurisdiction is a connected virtual bingo game, forcing players to compete with one another for prize prizes.

VLT Video Poker

There is a big difference between class III and class II games in terms of video poker. Traditional class III machines handle 5 cards from 52 virtual cards. After you discard, your final card is determined randomly from the remaining 47 cards. Your knowledge and skills are a big factor when trying to win.

In Class II VLT, your final card will be whatever is determined by the virtual ticket. Even if you make a mistake and discard the winning card, a virtual “genie” will appear on your screen and change your hand to a predetermined victory result. No skills needed to win. This is not a deck of 52 cards. This is nothing more than a slot machine.

I am not trying to prevent anyone from playing VLT. You can win and lose. 92% refund is 92% refund. Whatever game you decide to play, you always need a visit from Lady Luck!

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